Practically next door to Gorki, Manzanilla is superchef Dani García’s homage to the classic tapas bar—with a twist, of course. His reinventions of the classics have an American accent, in part from his experience with his New York outpost of La Manzanilla. Every contemporary chef in Spain does a burger these days, but García is the only one we know offering a rabo de toro burger that tastes exactly like braised oxtail. His excellent “pigburguer” is another reimagined classic, made with ground Iberian pork and topped with bacon. One of the most popular tapas is the “tortilla al whisky,” which is a classic potato omelet with a whisky sauce—a dish whose origin he duly credits to Bodeguita Casablanca in Sevilla. No foodie should miss La Manzanilla, where even the wine is a good buy.