Some of Maui’s most spectacular scenery—3,000-foot-tall waterfalls thundering away in the chiseled heart of the West Maui Mountains, say, or Piilanihale, an impressive 3-acre heaiu (temple) hidden away in Hana—can only be seen from the air. Blue Hawaiian can escort you there on one of their two types of helicopters: A-star or Eco-Star. Both are good, but the latter is worth the extra cash for its bucket seats (raised in the rear) and wraparound windows. Tours range from 30-minute flyovers to 2-hour excursions exploring Maui and Molokai or the Big Island. Be aware that if you visit another island, a good portion of the tour will be over ocean—not much to see. The 65-minute Complete Island Tour is the best value, especially if it’s been raining and the waterfalls are gushing. After exploring West Maui, your pilot will flirt at the edges of Haleakala National Park so you can peer into the crater’s paint-box colors, and then zip over Oprah’s organic farm in Kula. Tip: Seats in the back can actually be better for photos, since you can press camera up to window. Wear plain, dark colors so your clothing doesn’t reflect off the glass.