This 5-acre facility houses the largest aquarium in the state and features one of Hawaii’s largest predators: the tiger shark. Exhibits are geared toward the residents of Hawaii’s ocean waters. As you walk past the three dozen or so tanks and numerous exhibits, you’ll slowly descend from the “beach” to the deepest part of the ocean without ever getting wet. Start at the surge pool, where you’ll see shallow-water marine life like spiny urchins and cauliflower coral; then move on to the reef tanks, turtle pool, touch pool (with starfish and urchins), and eagle-ray pool before reaching the star of the show: the 100- foot-long, 600,000-gallon main tank featuring tiger, gray, and white-tip sharks, as well as tuna, surgeonfish, triggerfish, and numerous others. The walkway tunnels right through the tank, so you’ll be surrounded on three sides by marine creatures. Juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks swim in another exhibit, while the Shark Dive Maui Program (Mon, Wed, and Fri; $199 per certified diver) allows certified scuba divers to plunge into the aquarium with sharks, stingrays, and tropical fish while friends and family watch from the other side of the glass. Fishloving kids can book a sleepover in the aquarium, staying up into the wee hours to watch glowing jellies and other nocturnal animals. Tip: In peak seasons, buy your tickets online to avoid waiting in admission lines. Also check online for special discounts and packages.