Roy Yamaguchi, the James Beard award–winning chef and one of the pioneers of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, owns eponymous restaurants around the world. At his Maui kitchen, try mustard glazed short ribs or rich misoyaki butterfish. The restaurant serves lunch from 11am to 2pm and a bar menu from 2 to 5pm, which features the “canoe for two,” an appetizer platter of ahi poke, pork lumpia, chicken potstickers, Szechuan short ribs, and skewered shrimp. Hallelujah for the bartender who created the “Skinny Colada,” a cocktail that delivers the flavor of a piña colada without the overwhelming milky cream. Tip: Two words: chocolate soufflé. It takes 20 minutes to prepare, so let your waiter know you want it in advance. And when it arrives, wait a moment for it to cool—don’t burn your tongue on the hot lava chocolate!