Celebrity chef Sheldon Simeon won the hearts of Top Chef fans not just once, but twice, and Maui residents couldn’t adore him more. After launching Star Noodle into fame, he and his wife, Janice, opened their own business—a humble to-go spot at the very back of an industrial strip mall in Kahului. The menu, inspired by his Filipino roots, is so much fun: buy a 50-cent “dime bag” of house-made furikake to sprinkle on your mochiko chicken. Add a 6-minute egg to your pork belly bowl. You’ll want to Instagram yourself eating the chocolate b’day cake bibingka, covered in party-colored sprinkles. Drinks include Maui Brewing Company’s root beer and Valley Isle kombucha. For even more inventive evening fare, visit his newer sit-down restaurant in Wailea, Lineage.