A local institution, there’s no place on earth quite like DJM. This disco/bar is worth visiting for its sheer bizarreness factor alone. A riotous send-up of a traditional Antioquian village, the decor centers on a kitsch white colonial church, and every remaining inch is smothered with tack, ranging from the shockingly outrageous to the whimsically cartoonish, with blow up dolls, phantasmagoric fairy lights, a giant Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny toilets, and Wonder Woman sinks in the bathrooms. Staff take on their traditional “villager” roles with passion: You will be served by either a priest, a prostitute, the town mayor, or a police officer, and you might even catch a Shakira or Sofia Vergara impersonator making the rounds. The atmosphere is friendly, if a little weird. Everyone here comes to join in the spirit of debauched fantasy, dance like mad, or maybe just limbo; there are some fiercely fought-out competitions. Music is the customary Latin disco soundtrack blending salsa, reggaeton, merengue, electronica, and pop. It’s always a madhouse, so be sure to arrive early to reserve a table. DJM has two equally curious locations, one in Las Palmas (a 5-min. drive from Parque Lleras, on the highway that leads to the airport) and the other in Itagui, a 20-minute drive from the Poblado area.