Best Restaurants in Medellín

If you love arepas and beans, you’re in luck. Food in Medellín is carb-based and filling, and you’re never far from the typical Antioquian bandeja paisa, a smorgasbord of soup, rice, beans, avocado, salad, sausage, plantain, shredded beef, eggs, arepa...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Price Name Cuisine Neighborhood
Icon_dollar1 Ajiacos y Mondongos Colombian around town
Icon_dollar1 Bonuar International/Colombian around town
Icon_dollar2 Carmen International around town
Icon_dollar3 El Cielo International around town
Icon_dollar2 Hato Viejo Colombian around town
Icon_dollar2 In Situ International around town
Icon_dollar1 La Gloria de Gloria Colombian around town
Icon_dollar2 La Provincia International around town
Icon_dollar1 Ocio International around town
Icon_dollar1 San Carbón Grill/Steakhouse around town