Chef Laura Londoño garnered kudos at Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe before returning home to play a leading role in Medellín’s evolving culinary landscape. With an industrial-chic setting a short walk from Parque Lleras, and furnishings and decorative objects fashioned from recycled materials, there’s a distinctive Antioquian style and spirit to Ocio. The focus here is on slow cooking techniques, hours of tenderizing and enriching the earthy flavors of local meats. Londoño’s signature dish is a 12-hour roasted pork shank (asado de tira) with caramelized chili and lemon, served with sticky rice. While the menu caters more to carnivorous tastes, memorable appetizers include sushi with seaweed salad and seared octopus bathed in chili butter. For dessert, try the sandwich de galleta: a deliciously foofy version of an ice cream sandwich.