This museum is Australia’s largest and one of the most interesting. For me, the highlight is Bunjilaka, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, which gives an insight into the Victorian Koori people. This area of the museum has undergone a major redevelopment, reopening in late 2013 with even more to see and learn. Other highlights of the museum include a genuine blue-whale skeleton, an indoor rainforest, and a brilliant insect and butterfly collection with lots of real-life exhibits, including revolting cockroaches, ant colonies, and huge spiders (kids love these creepy-crawlies). Apart from that, there are interactive exhibits and science displays and social history, including a stuffed racehorse called Phar Lap. Check out the brightly colored Children’s Museum, which will bring hours of enjoyment to the little ones. Allow 2 hours (more if you would like to also tour the 19th-century Royal Exhibition Building adjacent).