This zoo is part of Zoos Victoria, which also runs the Melbourne Zoo. It has a collection of Aussie animals, but the main focus is on the open range part of the zoo, where you will see giraffes, hippos, rhinoceros, lions, zebras, and more. The zoo also has one of the largest gorilla exhibits in the world, home to the silverback Motaba and his two sons. Access to the open-range part of the zoo is strictly by guided tour on a safari bus. The tour takes about an hour. On busy days, it might pay to spend the extra money to take a small group tour in an open-sided jeep, as you’ll get a better view and better photo opportunities. The zoo also has a walk-through section featuring African cats, including cheetahs, and monkeys. If you’ve been to Africa, you may find little to excite you, but kids love it, and it’s crowded with families.