Want to see another side of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius? Check out a clutch of Leonardo’s anatomical drawings and not-so-batty designs for submarines, helicopters and other engineering marvels, a definite highlight of this science museum, one of the world’s leading collections of mechanical and scientific wizardry. This former Benedictine monastery and its beautiful cloister are also filled with planes, trains, carriages, sewing machines, typewriters, optical devices and other exhibits (many now interactive). There’s even a mini-submarine to visit (tickets cost an extra 8€ and can be purchased at the museum or online at www.museoscienza.org/toti/). One warning: The museum is massive, occupying not only the former monastery of San Vittore Olivetan but also three modern additions and outdoor spaces. While recent renovations have made the exhibits more fun, the floor plan is immensely confusing; pick up a brochure at the entrance so you don’t miss the highlights.