Milan is not all bone-marrow risotto and osso buco, and this Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant has become a local institution. The décor is certainly up to fine-dining standards, if a bit generic, but the real draw is the food. Swiss chef Pietro Leemann is known for his creative vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as his whimsical and philosophical presentation: Buckwheat rolls filled with cauliflower and harissa are mysteriously named “Inner Landscape,” while “Oh My Dear Planet” is a vegan take on foie gras.  If  you prefer something more casual and less pricey, the Joia Kitchen bistro, tucked into a corner of the main restaurant (with a kitchen view!) is open for lunch and dinner Monday to Friday, with vegetarian and vegan mains starting at 12€. Reservations are recommended for both the main restaurant and the bistro.