450km (279 miles) SE of Buenos Aires

As Mar del Plata became more crowded and decidedly downscale, upper-middle-class Porteños began looking for new vacation spots. Among them is Miramar, approximately 45km (28 miles) away from Mar del Plata down the Atlantic coast on Ruta 11. The city is green and quiet, with a relatively limited number of high-rise condominiums along its short waterfront. Most of the town's center is walkable, a few blocks from the beach. It's an ideal location for families or couples seeking a quiet vacation. The town is also blessed with a large forest reserve called the Bosque Vivero Dunícola Florentino Ameghino to the south, which helps to limit development. Jetties protect its shoreline, keeping the waters tranquil along the balnearios, or private beach kiosks peppering the shore. With the tranquillity come decidedly higher prices than you'll find in Mar del Plata.