Being a seaside city, Mokpo is well known for its seafood. There is no shortage of hwae joints in town. One of the specialties of the region is seballakji (baby octopus), which is sometimes served as hwae or cooked in a sweet and spicy dish made with gochujang. Another specialty is galchi jolim (stewed hairtail fish), for which there is even the Mokpo Hairtail Festival in September.

The best bargain for hwae in the city is at the Bukhang Raw Fish Center, a live fish market that attracts locals and tourists, who haggle for the best deals on their dinner. Hwae stands and restaurants around here have the lowest prices in town.

For restaurants and upscale cafes, head over to Carless Street, about a 5-minute walk from Mokpo Station. Here you can get a taste of an unusual local coffee (you'll wonder why it's so rich until you find out that they've put a raw egg yolk in it) or just grab an inexpensive bowl of noodles.

If you're tired of Korean food, head on over to the Gatbawi area in Hadang, where you'll find a handful of bistros serving Western food.

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