Thirty-two miles long and five miles across at its widest, Moosehead Lake is Maine's largest, a great destination for hikers, boaters, and canoeists. The lake was historically the center of the region's logging activity, a history that preserved the lake and kept it largely unspoiled by development for years. Timber companies still own much of Moosehead's shores (though the state of Maine has acquired a significant amount, too), and the 350-mile shoreline is still mostly unbroken second- or third-growth forest. The second-home building frenzy of the 1980s had an impact on the southern reaches of the lake, but the big lake absorbed most of the boom gracefully.

Greenville is the de facto capital of the lake, scenically situated at the very southern tip. Change is creeping into the North Woods, and what was once a rugged outpost town is slowly orienting itself toward the tourist trade, with boutiques and souvenir shops popping up in increasing numbers. Most shops seem to stock too many T-shirts featuring moose. But the town is still a good base for outdoor day excursions.