998km (619 miles) SE of Tijuana; 137km (85 miles) N of Loreto; 496km (308 miles) NW of La Paz; 710km (440 miles) NW of Cabo San Lucas

Verdant Mulegé offers shady cool in an otherwise scorching part of the world. Founded in 1705, it is home to one of the most well-preserved and beautifully situated Jesuit missions in Baja. Mulegé lies between two hills, in a valley where a river runs down to the ocean. The landscape here consists of immense palms, orchards, and tangles of bougainvillea. Several well-preserved Indian caves with stunning paintings can be reached by guided hikes into the mountains. Unfortunately, much of the area is littered with trash, a sign that the beauty of this land is taken for granted by some.

Besides the respite inherent in the views, Mulegé (pronounced moo-leh-hay), at the mouth of beautiful Bahía Concepción, has great diving, kayaking, and fishing -- and the RV following to prove it. After an '80s heyday as the next Baja new place, Mulegé has settled into a dotage of U.S. and Canadian retirees. Accommodations are limited and basic, and trailer parks are nearby. Good beach camping is also available just south of town along the Bahía Concepción, as is a landing strip for small planes.