If you have any interest in the luxury brand BMW (Bavarian Motor Works), take the short trip out to Olympiapark to see the BMW Welt showroom. Architecturally, this new-car showroom is a boldly dramatic structure with soaring lines and a glass-enclosed hourglass-shaped spiral ramp, which leads up to a skybridge to the museum and factory buildings, all part of the BMW Welt complex. The interior of the showroom is sinuous and sexy, showing off all the latest models like perfectly lit celebrities. This is BMW’s delivery center in Germany, and there’s a gallery where you can watch emotional owners picking up the keys to their new BMWs. Have a look around (it’s free), and if you’re a car buff, buy your ticket for the 2-hour tour of the BMW Munich Plant where you’ll see the cars assembled. The company’s superb collection of vintage vehicles is housed in the fascinating but overpriced BMW Museum. Organized into categories (history, technology, racing, design), it includes motorcycles and automobiles from the company’s beginning in 1929 to a hydrogen-powered roadster of the future.