Located on the Museumsinsel, an island in the Isar River, this is the largest science and technology museum in the world and one of the most popular attractions in Germany. Its huge collection of natural science and technoologiccal treasures includes some 15,000 exhibits in 50 departments. A few of the exhibts are interactive, and there are regular demonstrations of glass blowing, papermaking, and how steam engines, pumps, and historical musical instruments work, as well as collections of model trains, historic toys, and items of historic interest, including boats and a biplane flown by the Wright brothers in 1908. Unless you have a keen interest in science and technology, however, you may find this enormous museum enormously uninteresting because most of the objects and exhibits are displayed as relics without much dynamism in their presentation. The Verkehrszentrum, the museums new transportation museum, is far more intriguing.