This is a grand hotel, in all senses of the word. It offers every amenity and service you could possibly want in a large, centrally located Altstadt hotel, including a pool, sauna, spa, cinema and a famous nightclub. The largest and oldest hotel in Munich (it celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2014), the Bayerischer Hof is for those who want the best of traditional service and comfort—and who don’t mind or even welcome the relative anonymity that comes with staying in such an enormous labyrinth (it has five inner courtyards). The double rooms here are fairly spacious, with gleaming marble bathrooms and a decor that manages to be both timeless and up-to-date. This is the kind of hotel that offers many room and suite options, some of which are spectacular (from 3,700€ a night, they should be). There are several dining options, too, including a Ratskeller in the vaults below the hotel, where Munich’s salt was once stored. The breakfast room (always check to see whether you can get breakfast included in your room rate) is a glass-walled eyrie on the sixth floor with an outdoor terrace.