Getting There

From Nanjing's airport, just under 50km (31 miles) southwest of the city, daily flights connect to Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming, Guilin, and Hong Kong. There are also twice-weekly flights to Macau and Bangkok. Tickets can be purchased at hotel tour desks and at the CAAC at Ruijin Lu 50 (tel. 025/8449-9378). China Eastern has an office at Zhongshan Dong Lu 402 (tel. 025/8445-4325; 8:30am-6pm), while Dragonair offices are at Hanzhong Lu 2, nos. 751-753 (tel. 025/8471-0181; 7am-11pm). CAAC airport shuttles depart from the CAAC office every 30 minutes from 6am to 7pm, and also meet arriving flights. The trip takes 50 minutes and costs ¥25. Note: The bus leaves once full; those left behind must take taxis. A metered taxi into the Xinjiekou area should run about ¥140, including toll.

Nanjing's railway station, Longpan Lu 264 (tel. 025/8582-2222) is conveniently linked to Nanjing's metro. A 5-minute ride to a central station (such as Xinjiekou) will cost ¥2. The city is an important rail junction along the Beijing-Shanghai railway line. Trains heading east to Shanghai (2 hr.; D-series trains 1 hr 1/2 hr.) connect to Wuxi (1 1/2-2 hr.), Suzhou (2-2 1/2 hr.), and Hangzhou (5 hr.; 1 D-series train daily 4 hr.). Heading west, there are trains to Huang Shan (6 1/2-10 hr.). You can buy tickets on the second floor of the three-story annex west of the station's exit. A special window selling only Shanghai tickets is marked in green; its hours are from 7 to 11am and from 11:30am to 6:30pm. You can also buy tickets at the Gu Lou ticket-booking office at Zhongshan Lu 293.

Nanjing has seven long-distance bus stations, but the main one, Nanjing Zhongyang Men Changtu Qiche Zongzhan, at Jianning Lu 1 (tel. 025/8553-1288), just west of the Nanjing Railway Station, should serve most travelers' needs. From here, large, air-conditioned buses run to Suzhou (every 30 min.; 6:50am-7:30pm; 2 hr. 40 min.; ¥70), Shanghai (every 1 1/2 hr.; 3 1/2 hr.; 7:30am-4:40pm ¥68), and Hangzhou (hourly; 6:20am-8pm; 5 hr.; ¥118). The East Long-Distance Bus Station (Changtu Qiche Dong Zhan) at Huayuan Lu 17 services Yangzhou (every half-hour; 6:30am-6:40pm; 1 hr.; ¥33) and Yixing (every 20 min. 6am-6:40pm; 2 1/2 hr.; ¥50). There are also express "business" buses for ¥88 that leave for Shanghai at 8, 9, and 10am and 2, 3:30, and 4:30pm from the back entrance of the Jinling Hotel.

Getting Around

Nanjing is a sprawling city not particularly conducive to walking, with sights scattered in different directions. The rate for taxis is ¥8 for 3km (2 miles), then ¥2.40 per kilometer. From 11pm to 6am, the price rises to ¥2.70 per kilometer after 3km. All taxi rides come with a ¥1 fuel surcharge. The metro is a fast and convenient way to get around town. Tickets are ¥2 to ¥4 depending on distance. Single-journey "tokens" that look remarkably similar to poker chips are available at vending machines in the station or at ticket windows. Swipe tokens when entering the subway, and deposit the plastic coin in the slot on the way out. Nanjing Public Utility IC Cards (or Yika Tongpiao) can be used for metro and bus rides, offering 5% discounts on the metro and 20% discounts for buses. Buy them for a ¥30 refundable deposit at ticket counters in the metro station. Buses are a cheap way to get around Nanjing, although they are almost always full. Pay ¥2 for air-conditioned buses and ¥1 for all others, or use an IC card. No change is given. Some of the main bus routes include: no. 1: Nanjing Railway Station-Xinjiekou-Fuzi Miao; no. Y1: Nanjing Railway Station-Xinjiekou-Zhongshan Ling; no. Y2: Yuhua Tai-Zongtong Fu-Zhongshan Ling.


Jiangsu Zhongshan International Travel Service, Zhongshan Bei Lu 178 (tel. 025/8629-2086) works with the major hotels to offer a standard 1-day tour of Nanjing, including visits to Zhongshan Ling (Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum), Zongtong Fu (the Presidential Palace), and Chaotian Gong (Worshiping Heaven Palace), among other places. The cost of ¥230 includes entry fees and the use of a guide and bus driver.

Visitor Information

MAP, the free local English-language monthly magazine featuring the latest on dining and entertainment in Nanjing, is available in any of the top hotels or in Western restaurants. Try the government-run Nanjing Tourist Information Center (Nanjing Luyou Zixun Fuwu Zhongxin; tel. 025/5226-9008; 9am-5pm) in Confucius Temple for advice on sightseeing, restaurants, and hotels. The office is staffed by two very helpful employees.

Fast Facts

Banks, Foreign Exchange & ATMs -- The main branch of the Bank of China is located at Zhongshan Nan Lu 148. Hours for foreign exchange are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to noon and 2 to 5pm. ATMs accept international cards. Another branch is at Hongwu Lu 29 with the same hours.

Internet Access -- Free wireless laptop access is available the Coffee Beanery (in the 1912 restaurant/pub complex at the corner of Changjiang Hou Jie and Taiping Bei Lu) and at all locations of New Magazine Cafe.

Post Office -- The main post office (8:30am-5:30pm) is at Gu Lou, Zhongshan Lu 366.

Visa Extensions -- The PSB is located at Honggong Ci 1 (tel. 025/8442-0004; Mon-Sat 8:30-11:30am and 2-5pm). Same-day visas are possible. From Xinjiekou, walk 5 minutes south on Zhongshan Nan Lu, then head west onto Sanyuan Xiang for about 300m (980 ft.).

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.