Created in 1780 according to a design by Luigi Vanvitelli, as the private Royal Promenade for King Ferdinando IV Bourbon, this park was later transformed by the king into a public garden. It is graced by statues, fountains -- including the beloved Fontana delle Paperelle ("fountain of the ducks") -- and several elegant buildings such as the Casina Pompeiana, the Chiosco della Musica, and the Stazione Zoologica housing Europe's oldest aquarium, specializing in the study of local marine life. The Villa Comunale also hosts a popular antiques market, usually held on the 3rd and 4th weekends of each month, 8:30am to 1pm; call the tourist office for details. You can find excellent souvenirs as well as more important pieces. If you have young children, we also recommend the merry-go-round and playground located in the southeast corner of the park; it might not be up with the best in the U.S. but still is very welcome by the younger ones. It's pleasant for parents as well who can sit and look at the seaside promenade.