New in 2018, the Bobby is flashy fun incarnate, with positively enormous, insanely comfortable rooms designed around famous cities of the world (Paris, Amsterdam, Rome). Every inch oozes vibrant, playful luxury, down to glass-paned bathrooms. The name is silly—it was originally intended to indicate that the place was like your well-traveled friend Bobby—but they’ve abandoned that gimmick because, well, this place doesn’t need one. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be greeted by lobby dog, Sasha, which sets the laid-back vibe. In the basement, you’ll find Bobby’s Garage bar, which empties out onto Printers Alley. On the rooftop, there’s a dipping pool that’s small but perfect for just what its name indicates, and a bar surrounded by hip accents including a full-size 1956 Scenicruiser bus that’s been retrofitted for a place to grab drinks on a balmy summer night. The restaurant, Tavern at Bobby, serves rich Southern fare (their shrimp and grits have the darkest, most decadent Worcestershire/butter sauce I’ve ever tasted), though it’s not necessarily a dining destination in its own right. There are artistic touches all over the hotel, but Elton John fans should visit the lobby’s second floor, where all of the art was done by Bernie Taupin, John’s writing partner and lyricist. And here’s a top-secret game for you: See if you can spot Doug, a jack-of-all-trades employee who is known for coming and going as he pleases. Everyone loves him, including comedian Patton Oswalt, who remarked upon staying at the hotel during the Nashville Comedy Festival, that he might write a standup about Doug—truly a legend in our midst.