The Westin is a trendy tourist’s mecca with its shiny high-rise looks and glass-walled pool hanging over the city. The rooms are comfortable and have great views, but the experience can be a bit inconsistent; you may be nickel-and-dimed for one thing ($7 for Wi-Fi on a $400-plus room) while other fees hotels typically charge are nonexistent, such as a pet fee. The Decker & Dyer lobby bar is just that: a lobby bar that serves fine, unremarkable food. The rooftop bar, L27, is the highest in Nashville, and you’ll pay for the view by the drink. The Westin is, as most Westins are by nature, corporate feeling despite the staff’s best efforts—and they will make the effort, going out of their way to keep the corporate nonsense from overrunning the place. The brightest spot comes back to them at the resort-style Rhapsody Spa, which offers some of the best spa services in the city, from facials to massages to manicures. The aforementioned pool is a cool feature, but it’s better to look at than to swim in, which is not a bad thing as it’s frequently locked due to weather or the like, and it closes at 5pm, well before sun sets in Nashville.