Old Glory is as impressive for what it’s not as what it is, and that’s a bar that serves delicious, innovative food and drinks without being precious about it. Even the speakeasy-like lack of signage was an accident: They couldn’t agree on a logo, so they opened without a sign, got a bunch of buzz, and decided to leave it that way (just go past Taco Mamacita, take a right through the iron gates, and enter through the unmarked red door). Located in the boiler room of a 1920s dry cleaning plant, the bar is a piece of history with a coal chute and huge exhaust pipe in the center. The Big Pink—French aperitif wine, grapefruit, and Aperol—is the perfect summer cooler, and the Jack Horse, any spirit plus Amaro Averna and house-made ginger beer, yields an earthy, spicy drink that’s nothing like ginger beer from a bottle. The food is far too good for a place cooking on just a smoker and hot plates. You’ll wonder how they’re turning out lamb rillettes (a luscious lamb spread similar to pâté) and empanadas as well as they do. Bonus: Around midnight the sleepy spot you came for happy hour turns into a full-blown club with a DJ and thumping music.