Nashville old-timers remember the days when the Gerst Haus was a dark and dirty dive located in a white cinderblock building where LP Field, the Titans' stadium, now stands. In 2000 the Gerst Haus reopened in an attractive new space a block or so away from the old one. The new place is reminiscent of a Bavarian bierhaus, with lots of stone and wood; what it lost in off-color character it makes up for many times over in cleanliness and general appeal. The dive version attracted blue-collar workers, newspaper reporters, and downtown lawyers, but it's a family-friendly place now. However, it's still serving up classic Old World dishes such as sauerbraten and wiener schnitzel. Beer remains a major draw, so consider their own Gerst Amber or another of the many brews you'll find on tap. On Friday and Saturday get your chicken dance on with a live polka band.