It's the "new south" that's being feted at this slick eatery, set in one of downtown's steel and glass skyscrapers. That means the decor is minimalist—lots of metals, no table cloths, walls of glass (though there are a few old paintings of fellows who look like they could have been Confederate captains, here and there)–and a menu that turns traditional Nashville cuisine on its head. So the city's famed "hot fried chicken" is presented in all its moist, fiery glory...atop a salad. And a favorite burnch dish is a twist on spaghetti carbonara, here with goat cheese subbing for the usual sauce of cream and egg. Sure there are some traditional, and very well-executed treats, like excellent barbecued baby ribs and the chicken fried chicken (sided by luscious mac n' cheese) but it shares the menu with bahn mi tacos and pork chops topped pomegranite sauce. Don't quibble: most everything that hits the plate is likely to be delish, and there's often a rootsy trio playing traditional tunes at the front.