Aerobunda Jacumã -- The perfect antidote to the high-tech world of the American amusement park. At Lagoa Jacumã, Litoral Norte, Km 35, there's a dune about 60m (200 ft.) high. At its foot is a big lake. At the top of the dune someone has hammered in three telephone poles to make a scaffold, then attached a thick rope from there to another peg on the far side of the lake. To execute the aerobunda, you slide your butt into a sling hanging from a pulley attached to the line. The attendant then lets go. You scream down toward the lake, gathering speed and momentum. Splash! Huge fun. Back on shore you hop into a rickety iron cart, wave your arm at the guy on the donkey engine, and he hauls you up the dune so you can go again. R$5 per ride; open daily from 8am to 5:30pm (tel. 084/3228-2402).

Jangada Riding -- A jangada is a narrow raft made of balsa wood (or Styrofoam) equipped with a single triangular sail. The little boats are used by local fishermen, who will also happily take you to the reefs or for a quick sail. You'll find them along Genipabu beach. Cost is R$15 per person for an hour or so.

Sand Boarding -- Sand boarding is worth doing as long as you believe that no sport is too stupid to be tried at least once. As snowboarders, we felt obligated. Turns out that sand doesn't glide nearly as well as snow. But then, I guess you can't snowboard in a bikini. If you're interested, look for the entrepreneurs at the south end of Genipabu beach; cost is R$5 per trip (less, if you bargain).

Surfing -- The beach at Ponta Negra is a great place to learn to surf. Waves vary from small and manageable to large and exciting. For instructors try the Escola de Surf Ponta Negra (tel. 084/8806-1087), in a tent about halfway along Ponta Negra beach. Lessons cost R$25 per hour.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.