The mission statement of this tiny coral-stone “wellness guest house” really sums it up: “Jackie’s was created as a small temple of no particular faith.” From the morning yoga and meditation classes on the veranda—more like a rustic, open-air cathedral than a porch—to detoxification massages in the spa to the regular roster of holistic, yogic, and shamanic weeks, Jackie’s is more spiritual retreat than Caribbean resort—sort of a holistic spa that also happens to serve meals and offer a few simple guest rooms. In fact, it might be the only hard alcohol–free hotel in all of Jamaica (part of the body/mind cleansing theme).

Rooms are spare but often gorgeous—the best is The Dome, a stone geodesic dome with triangular windows. There are no TVs, no phones, no A/C, not even any fans. Oneness with nature is the deal here. (While there is Wi-Fi, they request that you try to unplug and use that only for emergencies.) The minimum stay is four nights, and two treatments are required during that time—four treatments if you stay a full week (treatments range from $55 to $150—or as low as $40 for a mani/pedi or chakra therapy).

Breakfast and dinner are included, and the hotel’s own organic gardens provide many of the ingredients at mealtimes—and, naturally, vegetarian, vegan, and raw food options are always available, alongside simple grilled and steamed fish and chicken.

There is a small plunge pool down by the shore filled naturally by the waves crashing against the rocks. Note that children under 14 are not allowed. You must send a 50% deposit when you book, and may do so by credit card; however, once at the hotel everything is cash-only (U.S. or Jamaican dollars).

 - Reid Bramblett