The low limestone cliffs of Negril’s West End are riddled with caves, and this ten-acre resort about 600 yards past Rick’s Cafe makes better use of them than any other West End resort. You can arrange for an intimate dinner at a table for two in one candlelit grotto (or a clifftop table, or an ocean-view gazebo. You get a set menu with a choice between two mains, but it is usually excellent Jamaican food). Another cave has a private hot tub for two. Blackwell Rum Bar occupies one of the property’s limestone sea caverns, and serves (for free!) the namesake rum bottled by Island Outpost owner Chris Blackwell (most famous for starting Island Records, which helped make U2 and Bob Marley household names).

The accommodations consist of a dozen charmingly idiosyncratic cottages and suites with wood and wicker furnishings, bright colors, mosquito netting hanging from poster beds—the whole ideal-cabin-in-the-tropics thing. Steps thread down the natural rocky walls so you can swim in the deep waters—though most guests enjoy simply jumping in off the low cliffs. Children under 16 are not allowed on the hotel side of the property (it’s a safety thing, given the cliffs), but they may stay if you are renting the four-bedroom villa across the road.

 - Reid Bramblett