In 2009, neighboring Rockhouse Hotel took over the old Pirate’s Cave clifftop bar and jerk shack and turned it into Pushcart, an open-sided restaurant dedicated to traditional Jamaican cuisine and street food.

The setting is laid-back romantic, the band pretty good, and the food fabulous—steam roast fish stuffed with callaloo, okra and peppers, authentic curry goat (a Jamaican celebratory dish), braised oxtail, and jerk chicken that is flavorful without being overpoweringly spicy. Arrive in time to enjoy cocktails over one of those famous West End sunsets.

(Alas, since Rockhouse took over the space, they have forbidden the tradition of cliff-jumping—famously caught on film when Steve McQueen jumped from here to escape his island prison in 1973’s Papillon; they also closed off the ladder that led, after a tight squeeze, into a sea cave beneath your feet.)

  - Reid Bramblett