It seems unfair to single out just one establishment in this row of colorful, cheap conch shacks by Arawak Cay known locally as “The Fish Fry.” Most of these pastel purveyors of inexpensive seafood and overproof cocktails are actually pretty good. 
However, Curly’s does stand out for the simple things: It offers a more extensive menu than most others, including burgers and pastas for those not too keen on conch; it has its own bathrooms (many shacks share a somewhat dire set across the road); there’s free Wi-Fi; and one Bahama Mama drink comes on the house. Also, it must be said, we don’t hear reports from Curly’s patrons of the kind of tourist-fleecing financial shenanigans (shortchanging, double charging, etc.) that plague the reputation of some of its Fish Fry neighbors.
Just remember, no matter where you choose to dine at the Awarak Cay Fish Fry, conch fritters are always more “fritter” than “conch”—tasty, to be sure, but mainly made of breading. You get more protein for your dollar when you order your fish in sandwich, grilled, or steamed form. (That said, Curly’s shines once again with fritters that are a bit conchier than most, and less oily.)
Yes, the Fish Fry where every taxi driver takes you if you ask for “local food,” so it is often lousy with fellow tourists (especially at lunchtime on the days cruise ships are in town), but is is also a local’s spot—no more so than on Friday nights, when live reggae bands turn the Fish Fry strip into something of a big party.