It used to be an emotionally draining experience to visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage, which dealss in explicit fashion with the Holocaust.  But thanks to a recent overhaul of its core exhibit, the museum today focuses far more on the personal stories of those whose lives were upended (or ended altogether) by the Holocaust, including hopeful stories of those who survived, often against all odds. They do so with thousands of personal accounts, never-before seen photos, compelling video interviews with survivors, and striking artifacts, everything from a bread-loaf sized suitcase one family of four escaped to freedom with, to, chillingly, an annotated edition of Mein Kampf that belonged to Heinrich Himmler. A new-in-2023 exhibit “The Danish Escape” is suitable for children 9 and up, as it tells the largely positive story of how the Danes saved much of their Jewish population. The core exhibit is best for those over age 13.