An amusement park with the soul of a museum, Rise NY’s marquee attraction is a ride that makes you feel like you’re swooping over the city. It takes place in a 40-foot-tall dome with 180-degree views of well-executed 3D videos, plus misters, and a soundtrack of every damn song ever written about the city. Think: Disneyland’s California Adventure…but on the other coast. Since the ride only lasts about 5 minutes, Rise NY also includes a faux subway ride that barrels through time and space, from the debut of the subway up to, well, Pizza Rat. There are also a dozen galleries which look at the many, many items invented in New York—the Singer Sewing Machine, the Otis elevator, the Broadway musical, hip hop—and how they made the city central to the industries they spawned.   Most guests seemed to be dashing through the exhibits to get to the rides when I was there, but those who linger will actually learn something—and that’s an unusual occurrence this near to Times Square. Tip: Don’t pay extra for the VIP access, there are rarely long lines here.