Central Park was not the only green space Olmsted and Vaux created in New York City. In fact, many consider Prospect Park (see above) and Riverside Park to be their true masterworks. As its name suggests, Riverside Park has always had one advantage over Central Park: glorious river views. Many of the garden-laced promenades make the most of these vistas, as does the lovely boat basin and rotunda area at 79th Street (a hopping bar enlivens evenings at the Boat Basin). As in Central Park, there is a smattering of playgrounds; there’s also a skatepark with assorted ramps and half-pipes; and a handful of monuments, including Grant’s Tomb (at 122nd Street, open daily 9am−5pm), the largest mausoleum in the United States at 8,100 square feet. (And the answer to who’s buried in Grant’s tomb is: No one. Ulysses S. Grant and his wife are not buried; their sarcophagi lie aboveground.)