The New York Yankees’ spanking-new Yankee Stadium opened for business, and pleasure, on April 16, when the Bronx Bombers lost to the Cleveland Indians, 10–2 (ouch!). The Yankees recovered (and how!) to win their first World Series in a decade in 2009.

The new ballpark, which cost over $1 billion, is a stone’s throw from the old. The reviews of the new stadium have generally been strong, with expected grumblings about the prices for seats and food. Ownership—that is, the Steinbrenners—has retained much of the style of the old stadium. The field dimensions are the same, for example (though home runs have been flying out in great number, a trend that seems to be continuing). But the seats are wider, there are more restrooms (1 for every 60 fans vs. 1 for every 89 in the old) and, overall, as the New York Times reports, “the new stadium does provide the baseball version of upward mobility.”

And now you have the opportunity to buy sushi along with your classic Nathan’s hot dog. The prices for seats? The new stadium was built when asking $900 for field level seats didn’t seem like such a reach. By the time it opened, fans complained loudly (and successfully) about the high ticket prices, and some of them, at least, came down.

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