Revenge is a well-mixed martini served chilled, to a crowd that will follow you anywhere. When charismatic bartender Doug Quinn was fired from his job of over a decade at the iconic midtown saloon P.J.Clarks, he didn’t slink away, he opened his own tavern just two blocks away. Today, Hudson Malone’s is what Clarks used to be: a real New York “joint” (tin ceilings, brass rail at the bar, photos of famous customers on the walls) that may well be the friendliest pub in town. That’s because Malone is dazzling not just at retaining the loyalty of his old customers (each is greeted by name and with a “I’m great now that you’re here”; or “I saw you coming in, babe, so your drinks are already mixed.”) but making newcomers feel part of the “club”. Hang here for just half an hour and you’ll leave with half a dozen new friends. I promise.