“We serve craft cocktails at a dive-bar price,” the bartender told me, when I marveled at how (relatively) cheap the potables were here at this Bushwick bar (just $8 for a cocktail!). Here’s their secret: all of the cocktails are mixed before the bar opens, put into temperature-controlled tanks, and then served via a tap, like beer would be. That means that cocktails can be served far faster than they would be in a regular bar; the increased volume allows management to cut prices. And wonders of wonders: these pre-fab cocktails are truly fab. I’m especially fond of the one that mimics the flavors of a Manhattan by using raisin-infused bourbon. Despite the fact that drinks are served in hokey laboratory beakers (we get it! You used science to pre-make your cocktails), the scene here is quite hip, the bar attracting a range of attractive 20- and 30-somethings, the space looking a bit like an old West saloon (with chandeliers and old-timey floral wallpaper on the ceiling).