• Coyotepe Fort (Masaya, Nicaragua): Whitewashed battlements and squat, yellow-domed towers overlook Masaya town and lake, and afford a pleasant visit that belies this structure's dark history of revolution and resistance.
  • Archipiélago Zapatera (Lake Nicaragua): Famous for its pre-Columbian stone carvings, this archipelago off the coast of Granada boasts lots of wildlife, a crater lake, and more than 20 archaeological sites that date back as far as 500 B.C. The vast range of zoomorphic statues reveals that the islands were once important religious sites. Isla el Muerto, in particular, has some of the most spectacular rock drawings in the country, all laid out on a huge slab of stone measuring 100*25m (328*82 ft.) on the island's summit.
  • Huellas de Acahualinca (Managua, Nicaragua): Six thousand-year-old footprints of men, women, and children beg the question: Were they fleeing a volcanic eruption or just going for a swim? One thing is for sure, the footprints on display here are some of the oldest pieces of evidence of human activity in Central America. This intriguing site can be visited in a northern suburb of Managua.
  • León (Nicaragua): This cradle of the revolution has been bombed, besieged, and washed away by hurricanes. Every street corner tells a story, and it's highly recommended that you take a city tour of this fascinating university town with its vibrant murals, tiny plazas, and the biggest cathedral in Central America. Nearby is León Viejo, the original, abandoned colonial city at the feet of its destroyer -- Volcán Momotombo.
  • El Castillo (Río San Juan, Nicaragua): The dark-stained stone remains of the Spanish fort are relics of just how important the San Juan River was. Built to deter marauding pirates bent on raiding prosperous Granada, El Castillo had 32 cannons and a well-stocked armory of 11,000 weapons. Cannon balls and old rum bottles add color to the story.

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