The coolest, funkiest, and most friendly hotel in Nice is also one of its best-value lodgings. This maison bourgeoise was built by disciples of Gustav Eiffel in the 1890s and has remained a family-run hotel for three generations. Current owner Mme. Payen-Redolfi has ushered in an artsy era where a different acclaimed artist decorates another guest room each year. The hotel currently has over 30 contemporary-art rooms, including one painted entirely in gold leaf by Claudio Parmigiani. Art and color stream outside into the WiJungle bamboo garden—location for the alfresco breakfast as well. Back indoors, WiLounge serves dinner and chilled rosé. WiZen is the fifth-floor health club, hammam, sauna, and meditation zone. The Windsor is a founder of Botox(s) (, which guides visitors around the smaller private galleries of Nice, Cannes, and Antibes.