Flowers at their peak and these gardens both have short seasons, but if you're here in the spring, you'll never forget a visit to this park. A meandering, 32-hectare (70-acre) wooded green in the heart of the bulb-producing region is planted each fall by the major Dutch growers (each plants his own plot or establishes his own greenhouse display). Then, come spring, the bulbs burst forth and produce not hundreds of flowers, or even thousands, but millions (almost eight million at last count) of tulips and narcissi, daffodils and hyacinths, bluebells, crocuses, lilies, amaryllis, and many others. The blaze of color is everywhere in the park and in the greenhouses, beside the brooks and shady ponds, along the paths and in the neighboring fields, in neat little plots and helter-skelter on the lawns. Keukenhof claims to be the greatest flower show on earth -- and it's Holland's annual spring gift to the world. Tip: There are four cafes on-site where you can grab a quick bite to eat.