59km (36 2/3 miles) S of Bahía Solano; 196km (121 miles) W of Medellín

In recent years, Nuquí has become the face of the Pacific’s ecotourism trade. Here, within an hour boat ride north or south along the absolutely unspoiled, green, mountainous coast, you will find a dozen or so small eco-lodges, each its own plot of paradise. Don’t expect luxury by any means, but do expect pristine nature everywhere you turn. The town itself is not much to look at, with ramshackle houses and a collection of muddy roads between a wide beach and the airport. There are a few simple restaurants and handicraft shops, but little else. All passengers must pay a COP$7,000 fee at the airport upon arrival. Additionally, Nuquí makes a good base for going to Parque Nacional Utría ★.