Nusa Dua is a 300-hectare (740-acre) government-sponsored, self-contained, high-end tourist destination replete with manicured lawns, swaying palms, white sand beaches with pristine waters, and security gates at all entry and exit points. Virtually all accommodation here is five-star, and unlike the rest of the Bukit Peninsula with its barren shrub land and limestone cliffs, sandy soil reaches down to a long stretch of immaculate beach, protected by a reef. Coconut trees abound and remind us that before the local government fashioned this resort complex to "minimize the impact of tourism on the Balinese culture," Nusa Dua was once a coconut plantation. Also in contrast to the rest of the island, the roads are bereft of potholes, the streets are empty and litter free, and not surprisingly it can all seem a bit sterile.

The immediate vicinity lacks activities. Many tourists seem content with simple R&R and, being only a 20-minute drive from the airport, it is a convenient place to base yourself on a short break.