For one of the best views of the coast and the ocean, follow the Hauula Loop Trail on the windward side of the island. It’s an easy 2.5-mile loop on a well-maintained path that passes through a whispering ironwood forest and a grove of tall Norfolk pines. The trip takes about 3 hours and gains some 600 feet in elevation.

To get to the trail, take TheBus no. 55 or follow Hwy. 83 to Hauula Beach Park. Turn toward the mountains on Hauula Homestead Road; when it forks to the left at Maakua Road, park on the side of the road. Walk along Maakua Road to the wide, grassy trail that begins the hike into the mountains. The climb is fairly steep for about 900 feet but turns into easier-on-the-calves switchbacks as you go up the ridge. Look down as you climb: You’ll spot wildflowers and mushrooms among the matted needles. The trail continues up, crossing Waipilopilo Gulch, where you’ll see several forms of native plant life. Eventually, you reach the top of the ridge, where the views are spectacular.