This 62-acre park in East Oahu is one of the island's top attractions. It features whales from Puget Sound, Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins, California sea lions, and penguins going through their motions to the delight of kids of all ages. With children, allow all day to take in the sights. Also popular are the Hawaiian reef tank full of tropical fish; the "touch" pool, where you can feel a real sea cucumber (commonly found in tide pools); and a bird sanctuary, where you can see such birds as the red-footed booby and the frigate bird. The chief curiosity, though, is the world's only "wholphin" -- a cross between a false killer whale and an Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphin. On-site, marine biologists operate a recovery center for endangered marine life; during your visit, you'll be able to see rehabilitated Hawaiian monk seals and seabirds.