"What's the name of that sandwich shop on the North Shore?" We hear that often. After nearly 30 years at the same spot, Kua Aina moved a few years ago down the street to a larger, 75-seat eatery. It's as busy as ever, though many diners get their burgers to go and head for the beach. Kua Aina's thin and spindly french fries are renowned islandwide and are the perfect accompaniment to its legendary burgers. Fat, moist, and homemade, the burgers can be ordered with avocado, bacon, and many other accompaniments, including Ortega chiles and cheese. The tuna/avocado, roast turkey, and mahimahi sandwiches are excellent alternatives to the burgers. Kua Aina is unparalleled on the island and is a North Shore must, eclipsing its fancier competitors at lunch.