Is there anything on the menu other than pho? I couldn’t even tell you. I just walk in, order a medium number 9, meat outside, and and iced coffee with milk. What arrives: strong, black coffee percolating into a mug and a cup of ice and condensed milk. When the coffee is finished brewing, dump it into the cup and stir. By that time, you’ll have a plate mounded with bean sprouts, Thai basil, sawtooth coriander, jalapeños, and lemon wedges. Soon after, the bowl of pho arrives, with flank, tendon, and tripe, as well as slices of rare steak on the side to dip into the hot broth-like fondue. You can also get your pho with all the meat in and just steak if you want; there are 14 possible combinations. That’s the only hard choice in this Chinatown eatery. Getting the pho and Vietnamese coffee shouldn’t be one.