Admittedly, the ruins of a 10th-century Viking ship, discovered in 1935, don't equal those vessels discovered in the Oslofjord and displayed on Oslo's Bygdøy peninsula. But if you're not going on to Oslo, this is your best shot at seeing what one of those ships that terrified the coastal settlers of Britain looked like. "The Vikings are coming!" was a scream heard throughout the land.

This is one of the few Viking ships discovered to date in Denmark. Archaeologists are puzzled as to why more Viking ships haven't been unearthed in Denmark because they were used as coffins for burying chieftains. In this one, the corpse of the pagan chieftain buried was never found, just the bones of nearly a dozen horses and dogs. Other utensils, believed to be of use in Valhalla, were also interred with the corpse. Remains of the ship are displayed in a burial mound along with replicas from the excavation (the originals are in the National Museum of Copenhagen).