100 miles E of Pensacola; 100 miles SW of Tallahassee

Panama City Beach has long been known as the "Redneck Riviera" (though don't use that term when you're there, as some find it offensive).  Millions flock here from the bordering states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It still has a seemingly unending strip of bars, amusement parks, and old-fashioned motels, but this lively and sometimes crowded destination also has some newly-built resorts and condos to go along with its 20-plus miles of sandy beaches, golf courses, fishing, boating, and fresh seafood.

Spring Break has long been a big deal here; MTV used to set up shop in Panama City Beach for its annual beach-party broadcasts. But that may be changing. In 2016 Panama City Beach outlawed liquor on the beach for the month of March. In another attempt to appeal to a more upscale clientele, Panama City Beach introduced Pier Park, an alfresco shopping, dining, and entertainment complex on the beach.