Just steps from the Garnier opera house, this virtual reality city tour presents itself as a futuristic mini-airport, with flight times displayed on screens and flight attendants in quaint turquoise uniforms. Once in the flight room, you strap yourself into a jetpack, put on the headset, and then hold on (white-knuckled) for 13 minutes of virtual sightseeing. There are several “flights” to choose from, but for sweeping city vistas, I recommend “The Incredible Flyover,” where you take off from a Paris rooftop before whooshing through the air to Concorde’s needle, then float under the Arc de Triomphe, dash between the Eiffel Tower’s filigree girders, and zip over the Seine to Notre-Dame. FlyView uses impressively detailed 360-degree images taken by drone. By filming Notre-Dame before its roof burned down (and after, for the “Rebuilding Notre-Dame” ride), FlyView has become the only way you can see the edifice close up—reason alone to book a ticket. Minimum height is 1.2m (4 ft.).