These spiffy lodgings are in the charming “New Athens” neighborhood, where 19th-century Romantics like George Sand and Frédéric Chopin lived and worked. Maybe that’s why Mme. Flammarion, of the famous French publishing house, decided to open this arty yet relaxed hotel, where fresh white walls show off modern photography and art prints. Rooms are a little small but simple and chic, with white walls, a splash of color, and a distinctive table or armchair. Those on the upper floors have nice rooftop views, and some of the suites offer a glimpse of the far-off Eiffel Tower. The airy lobby area, with large windows and shelves full of books, is an invitation to kick back and catch up on your reading. Along with the usual alcoholic drinks, the hotel bar offers Kusmi teas and fresh squeezed juices.